Set ANDROID HOME and JAVA HOME permanently on Mac OS for IONIC in 2023

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To set ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME permanently on Mac OS for Ionic in 2023, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Java 11. Latest version of Ionic require Java 11 instead of Java 1.8.x.

Download and Install Java 11 from this link:

Step 2: Download and install latest version of Android Studio

You need refer latest API version required by Google Play here:

Only if you are using Cordova, you need also make sure Cordova support the target SDK version

Step 3: Edit bash profile. This is for MacOS Monterey. Different version of Mac may have different file.

sudo nano ~/.zshrc

Edit as folllow:

Step 4: Save and quit the terminal. Reopen and verify:

java -version

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